Teaser: Unlock the Mystery to Self-care for Single Mothers by Choice with Tanielle

Episode 1 February 01, 2023 00:02:31
Teaser: Unlock the Mystery to Self-care for Single Mothers by Choice with Tanielle
Start to Finish Motherhood with Aisha
Teaser: Unlock the Mystery to Self-care for Single Mothers by Choice with Tanielle

Feb 01 2023 | 00:02:31


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Aisha Jenkins

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In this episode clip Aisha chats with Dr. Tanielle Brew to learn about how a Single Mother by Choice (SMC) can create space for self-care in an otherwise busy day by making small sustainable changes.

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Episode Transcript

one of the things I wanted to focus this episode on was who takes care of mom? , right? As Single Mother by Choice, we are doing it all sometimes outta necessity and just sometimes because that's who we are at our core. And so who takes care of us? How do we go about finding space to care for ourselves and being in spaces that nurture and help to heal us? Before we're moms, we're people, we have baggage, we have experiences, we have hopes, we have dreams. How do we go about connecting with those things even as we are caring for our little ones? What do you recommend? Oh, that question can be answered in so many beautiful ways, but I think the first way of answering that question is to take a moment to ask yourself first being present. what is it that you want and need now? And periodically doing that throughout your day so you can have an assessment to see what it is you want. Because like you mentioned, you got your children needing things, everyone's needing all these things. You have these goals that you think are so super important, but are they, that's another different story. Mm-hmm. . So just creating a practice of every day and throughout the day, asking yourself, what do I want? What do I need? What do I want? What do I need? Literally, before we got on this call, before we even start talking, I said, before we do this podcast, I need to drink some water. Right. Because I knew that that would just nourish me. Mm-hmm. . So first getting into the practice of just in the small moments of saying, okay, I need this. Let me, I mean, easily, I can give that to myself and water bottles right here, no big deal. So being able, in the small circumstances, Create, cultivating that practice, which will make it a lot easier to determine what are the bigger things we need, what is the bigger supports that we need. You mentioned that you are the major thinker for your family. Mm-hmm. for you and your children. So how can you find ways of getting someone to take some of the thinking tasks away for you? Mm-hmm. . For example, I can just talk about a business example. So I'm trying to find a social media person. Mm-hmm. and I had a couple different options. One, someone who could just, you know, create the stuff, but then I had another person who was like, oh yeah, I'll create the things, but then I'll also create an agenda for some of your talking points that you'll need. She's a winner. Yes. Yes. Because she thinks she is a thinker.

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