Teaser: My Single Mom by Choice Story: How I Overcame Negative Stereotypes to Pursue My Dreams

Episode 7 February 09, 2023 00:01:41
Teaser: My Single Mom by Choice Story: How I Overcame Negative Stereotypes to Pursue My Dreams
Start to Finish Motherhood with Aisha
Teaser: My Single Mom by Choice Story: How I Overcame Negative Stereotypes to Pursue My Dreams

Feb 09 2023 | 00:01:41


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Aisha Jenkins

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In this episode clip Aisha chats with her good mom friend Viki who shares how she overcame the negative narratives about Single Mothers to avoid a bad relationship choice by pursuing motherhood on her own. For many of us Single Mothers by Choice we realize at some point that we are dating just for the sake of having children. Once we quiet the voice that say there is a "specific order" to becoming parents we feel free to exercise the options available to us. To listen to the full episode when it airs, sign up to the Start to Finish Motherhood mailing list.

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And I just, oh my gosh. You know the, it's, it's just amazing. And so that party. That corporate party mm-hmm. the idea that, that was my life. The idea that I kept thinking about these statistics census and all this and this, and the single black woman and this Yeah. No. Who that's, this is you let that nar Yeah. That narrative and, and you're making these life lifetime choices. Yes. Based on who, who I wanna bring to the holiday party at work. Right. So, or the census taker saying you were a single black. . Oh my goodness. I know. You are a statistic. The kids don't have no daddy. Oh my God. Right. Write the stories we tell ourselves in our head. Stories we tell ourselves, and so. Yeah. On the other side of that, completely, don't even think about it, living too much of this life. Mm-hmm. and then sometimes think, oh my gosh, that's right. Other people still think like this. Sometimes I need to stay at M SMC because there might be a woman out there who, who's looking for, who's looking for a solution. Yes. A solution. And I actually feel guilt because I'm so in my life. Uhhuh, . I'm walking around and then I told you after my child was in kindergarten mind you, it was covid, so there weren't a lot of conversations going on. picking up her things in June, I realized, oh my gosh, I never told a, I'm an SMC. And it hadn't been a, it hadn't been an issue, right? It wasn't. I'm, I'm, I'm a single mom, hustling to get my kids, pick them up and drop them off and get right. And that's what the teacher identified who was a married woman. Oh, no, this woman needs me to help support her. Right. But I, I finally stated it and it turned out one of her teachers had been considering and was wondering, and I thought, oh, my, I've potentially blocked you from this great information or this supporter inspiration. And so I try to remember Uhhuh that, oh my gosh, yes. I'm not just walking around. I'm not nobody's poster child, right?

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