Teaser: Disability? No Problem! How I Soared to the Stars: An SMC Journey

Episode 3 February 03, 2023 00:01:49
Teaser: Disability? No Problem! How I Soared to the Stars: An SMC Journey
Start to Finish Motherhood with Aisha
Teaser: Disability? No Problem! How I Soared to the Stars: An SMC Journey

Feb 03 2023 | 00:01:49


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Aisha Jenkins

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In this episode clip Aisha sits down with Denna a NASA analyst and Single Mother by Choice (SMC) to discusses her day-to-day life navigating being an SMC with a disability. It's enabled her to float among the stars in more ways than one. To listen to the full episode when it premiers, sign up to the Start to Finish Motherhood mailing list. Sign up now if you want to be the first to find out about the launch date of the Start to Finish Motherhood podcast, join the mailing list: https://starttofinishmotherhood.ck.page.


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I have a three year old son, three and a half year old , more accurately through adoption, domestic private adoption. And I started my SMC journey. Oh my goodness, probably five years ago when, you know, I went for my yearly exam and I was hitting 35 at the time. and my doctor was starting to use words like geriatric, you know, pregnancy. And I was like, whoa, what is this? So that all led into a lot of questions, a lot of self-reflection, and, you know, really connecting with, with people who, chose various different paths. Some of the women that I met, Chose to have children through fertility. Some of them chose not to have children at all to be child free, and some of them chose adoption. And so I had, I spent a year or so just kind of doing self-reflection and, and questioning to see what it was the right answer for me. And thankfully it led to being matched with a family who was seeking adoption for their child. And I was selected by them to be their son's mother. So I was there from the very beginning. I got a chance to cut the court and it's just been a wild. You know, ever since, and a process of learning and growing and adapting which I would say very much, you know, accustomed to as someone who was born blind to parents. My parents, they, they're just, you know, incredible people, but they come from very simple means. They did not have the same opportunities that I have been afforded.

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