Teaser: Unpacking the Meaning Behind "Single Mother by Choice"

Episode 4 February 06, 2023 00:01:03
Teaser: Unpacking the Meaning Behind "Single Mother by Choice"
Start to Finish Motherhood with Aisha
Teaser: Unpacking the Meaning Behind "Single Mother by Choice"

Feb 06 2023 | 00:01:03


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Aisha Jenkins

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In this episode clip Aisha shares her definition of "Single Mother by Choice" or SMC and why the title is fitting for her. And it's not what you think. To listen to the full episode when it premiers, sign up to the Start to Finish Motherhood mailing list. Sign up now if you want to be the first to find out about the launch date of the Start to Finish Motherhood podcast, join the mailing list: https://starttofinishmotherhood.ck.page


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I want to get in front of the negative assumptions that people who pursue this path, Have done it willy-nilly without given a whole lot of thought to what the future entails. I myself am a planner and I'm a project manager, so having a well thought out plan for most things in my life are important to me, and that was the approach that I took to becoming a Single Mother by Choice. So for me, The term was fitting. You'll hear me sometimes, use the term Single Mother by Choice or solo parent or choice mom. For me, they're all one and the same. So a person can become a Single Mother by Choice or an SMC through a number of different routes, adoption, surrogacy, pregnancy. And I embrace all of you on this crazy journey, and I do encourage folks strongly to find your people. That way we're sharing information and we're sharing resources, and we're supporting each other.

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